Comprehensive Higher Education Consulting

Change for Learning

  • Our primary purpose is to help colleges and universities improve the quality and quantity of student learning. We serve that purpose through the projects we do for clients, the work we do in collaboration with national organizations, and our own scholarship and writing. Every project we undertake — from academic and strategic planning to strengthening student services — is intended to support higher learning in higher education.
  • Our mission is to improve outcomes in higher education by creating change for learning.

Our Services

Through these services K&A provides change for learning:

  • Planning & Strategy: change for learning; institutional, academic, and divisional strategy; restructuring and reallocation of resources; alignment with athletic programs; faculty; retention.
  • Reviews: whole institutions, academic programs (e.g., general education), Student Affairs divisions, programs, and services, athletic programs, other departments and divisions.
  • Professional Development: on higher education, learning, assessment.
  • Senior Executive Consultation: coaching and leadership development.
  • Executive Search: senior officers and Associate and Assistant Vice Presidents in Student Affairs and/or Enrollment Management; directors of student life programs and services, including health-related programs and services and disability offices; Student Affairs development officers.

Clients and Projects

Most K&A clients are presidents and chancellors, vice presidents, provosts and deans, senior student affairs officers, and higher education associations and organizations. But many projects cross organizational lines -- especially between academic and student affairs.


At the heart of our work is learning -- what it is, how it happens, what supports or undermines it, and how we know it when we see it. We are evidence-based; we depend on the neurosciences, cognitive psychology, and the scholarship of teaching and learning to ground our projects and reports. We continue to contribute to the published literature in higher education and to meaningful leadership activities in professional organizations.