Initiating, organizing, planning, implementing, and concluding an accreditation self-study is a major institutional task — a significant opportunity that demands focus, priority, and resources. As a neutral third party, K&A can help the senior administration, faculty, and staff engage the accreditation process in productive ways that result in a celebration of institutional strengths, explicit recognition of needed change, a collective commitment to improvement efforts, and strengthening of the sense of community.

K&A does not do or write the self-study for the institution — the “voice” of the self-study must always be authentically that of the college and university itself. But we can help harness the talent and increase the commitment within the institution so that the challenge of the accreditation process is met with virtuosity.

K&A provides:

  • Assistance in planning the accreditation or reaccreditation process.
  • Consultation and technical assistance in completing the self-study, including reviewing and strengthening the proposed self-study plan, supporting and coordinating the efforts of the working groups, reviewing and evaluating institutional performance data and making recommendations about needs for additional data collection or comparative institutional research, and reviewing and helping strengthen successive drafts of the comprehensive institutional self-study document.
  • Preparation of administrators, faculty, and staff for the self-study visit.
  • Specific faculty or staff development activities designed to improve performance or capacity in specific areas identified by the self-study, such as assessment of student learning.