K&A helps faculties, academic departments and divisions, Student Affairs divisions, and institutional administrators begin or improve assessment knowledge and practice — especially the assessment of student learning. K&A believes that assessment is, at its best, an organic form of teaching and learning, and we affirm that assessment, like learning itself, must be rigorous. But assessment must also be pluralistic in its design and implementation.

Services include:

  • Improving assessment practice: reviewing and making recommendations for strengthening current assessment practice in a division or across the institution.
  • Divisional assessment consultation: K&A can provide intermediate- or long-term consultation and technical assistance to the leadership, managers, and staff of a division to begin or strengthen assessment practice; this may avoid the need to have a dedicated staff member for assessment in the division.
  • Professional development: improving the knowledge and skills of faculty or staff to assess student learning. Capacity-building workshops have a very practical, interactive character; K&A brings a small team to ensure that all participants have sufficient practice time and get needed feedback on their efforts.
  • Assessment and evaluation consultations: K&A may function as a project or grant evaluator, conduct a needs assessment related to potential program changes, or review assessment data related to the outcomes of a program.